Our Products

Gnapi Technologies fosters a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and builds strong relationships to best-fit IT solutions, supported by our technical expertise. Gnapi Technologies has strong expertise in GIS applications working closely with multiple customers across North America. Our team brings value-added expertise in Industry knowledge and making key strategic decisions to help provide simple and effective solutions for success.

1. Gnapi VMDS Synch Solution

Gnapi VMDS Synch Manager solution is the perfect solution for utilities who need to export and import data out of Smallworld VMDS databases. It seamlessly integrates into existing utility architecture and supports custom data models. Plus, you can customize your reports and alerts to get the information you need exactly when you need it.


Supported Version: 4.3 Onwards

2. X21

Looking to keep your property and its occupants safe from the dangers of fire? Look no further than Gnapi! Our innovative X21 Fire system helps fire technicians and safety inspectors automate their workflow, making it easier and more efficient to carry out building fire safety inspections. With GIS mapping technology, our system can create floor plans, map assets, and generate inspection reports with regulatory compliance. Plus, our QR code scanning feature makes it easy for you to view inspection results on the go. Keep your property safe with Gnapi

3. Tickets Pi

TicketsPi is a local event ticketing platform based on GIS analytics.